I can only use black

So, no matter what colour I select, my drawing always comes out black.
Adding a colour card makes the background black
I tried following tutorials to check if I had weird settings activated, but I haven’t touched anything, I just downloaded the trial of the pro version.

I haven’t found any forum entry that answers my problem so here, I’m making one.
Hope I’m not too vague, there is literally nothing else to it.

Thanks for your help!

This problem has been linked to the graphics card.

What card is in your system?

Do the specs meet the minimum requirements?



From rkriz:

"This is probably due to the lack of proper OpenGL support for your model of graphic card.
If you are on Windows, go into the preferences of TBS and on the “Display” tab set the renderer
to Direct3D instead of OpenGL. Relaunch the software to see if the change has any effect.

If it doesn’t improve your display, try updating the graphic driver for your video card.
If this also does not produce the desirable result it probably means that your graphic card
is not capable of the diplay necessary for running the program. This can happen with the low-end
graphic cards that are integrated into the mother board of most laptop systems and the lower-end
desktop systems.