I can not save the animation !

I just installed TBS.
1) I had to stop the computer because the program was blocked
2) When reopening the icon TBS had dissapear. I noticed I did not drag the icon of TBS in the Application so I did it and program reappeared
3) I now get an error message :" Toon Boom Templates.tbc.new n’est pas un fichier valide de toon boom studio" and I can not save any animation anymore ! Which is in english "toon boom templates.tbc.new is not a valid file"

Bizarre bizarre.

Can someone help ?


I think you might have contacted us by e-mail but in any case this is related to the fact you probably first launched the software from the package instead of the Application folder then actually completed the installation but the links to the Toon Boom Templates are still linked to the thinking they are in the package.

In any case doing a Reload default templates from the library should fix the situation.

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I also had that problem.

I’m using Windows Vista.

To fix it, I tried many things (including the unload / reload library thing). I’m not sure which was the final solution, but I think it was running Toon Boom as an administrator.

(Despite my Windows account is Administrator, I also have to right-click on the Toon Boom icon and specify to run it as and Administrator). This is now my permanent setup and it works fine.