I broke the middle mouse button control for zoom (I think)

I am 99% sure the scroll/roll middle mouse button use to zoom for me (i may be wrong cause I use lots of other packages where i use it to zoom).

Now it doesn’t zoom (i tried both pro and standard) and I find myself constantly trying to use it and can’t.

Help me get it back ;D (ironically I abandoned recording a tutorial cause of this which I want to finish cause it annoyed me so much)

edit: on the plus side i have learnt if i hold space and the middle mouse button i can zoom in and out when moving the mouse, but i still want to be able to use the scroll.

Hello TheRaider,For me, Animate (not Pro) has a zoom tool that moves in fixed increments that are displayed in the zoom factor selector, but much more extended (1,25% to 891.200%) and I can use the left mouse button (when zoom tool is selected) for incremental zoom in, and Alt+left mouse button for incremental zoom out.Also, the middle mouse click can be used for this purpose. Alternatively, of course, we can use the spacebar for drag the current view. I can´t discover for the moment if a continuos zoom is posible in this software. Photoshop, as example, can zoom in continuous mode with Alt+middle mouse wheel spin, and may be that these difference can create some confusion. Best Regards.Yoryo

yeah I also use the 1 and 2 keys on the keyboard. I try not to use zoom tool as I don’t like switching to it and having to switch back.Can anyone else zoom with the scroll button on their mouse (3 button PC)? I am trying to figure if I imagining things I used to be able to.

At least that is solved. I am just slowly going mad ;DNeeds to be a feature request.Yes I know I am one of the few people who likes to use a mouse, but I enjoy box modelling.

I’m making the switchover from TB Studio to Animate Pro and I must say I miss the ability to zoom and pan with the scroll button. It’s just a built in feature of Studio: Ctrl+scroll zooms in and outSHIFT +scroll pans up and downAlt+scroll pans left and rightThere are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that I will need to relearn. I could select the option of using TBS shortcuts but I think in the long rum it’s better to just get accustomed to the default ones in AP.

Damn what a tease! I thought they were animate shortcuts lol

I couldn’t answer this one right away because I never use a mouse - always a tablet. :slight_smile:

I went back to another computer that has a mouse with a scroll wheel on it and tried it out and the zoom ability does not work integrated with the scroll wheel on that mouse.

If you had a really fancy mouse, I imagine it might have a driver for it that would let you assign certain keys to the scroll wheel so you might be able to program 1 and 2 for scroll up and scroll down, much like you would do with a tablet. But it depends on whether the driver for that mouse supports it.