I appreciate animators opinions (n_n)

Hi community! My name is Hector Bayona, I’m a mexican animator and I have created some short musical videos (animixes) in toon boom.

I have learned animation by myself ! So if you have chance to see one of my videos and share your opinion I will be more than grateful as I have no other place where to ask!

I name these videos Animixes. I 've selected some pop songs in english and spanish to mix them and later animate them.
All of this pursuing an original visual-rhytmic experience with fun stories.

The link is www.hectoplasma.com

Cheers and Thank you!

Unfortunatly none of the videos on your site worked for me.

Hi TheRaider, Really?? The page didn’t load or the videos? :o

Please try this url:

And this

and this

Thanks for

Hi, Hector! For some reason the clips were a bit slow to load or sometimes didn’t load at all but eventually I was able to watch them. All in all I was quite impressed with your work and all that you put into it. It seems you used a lot of AfterEffects to beef up the presentation, right? It worked quite well.

The animation was good but, in my opinion, rather stiff throughout. The artwork was good but could have been better. I don’t quite know what it was but it just didn’t really “work” for me. I wonder if it’s the “Uncanny Valley” principle (see http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UncannyValley) or just the stiffness and art. I’m not sure.

But you certainly have produced some promising work and I would encourage you to just keep going and learning as you do and I’m sure it will improve with every new production.

Even on the new links they don’t load for me.

The page loads, but the videos don’t.

Hi Zebtoons!
I really appreciate your comments. Those are the kind of things I like to hear as I learn from them. I’ve never heard anything before the uncanny valley Thanks!

I don’t know why the videos are loading so slow as I have them hosted with viddler. They’re suppose to be fast! That’s probably why not too many people have made any comments at all. :frowning:

I can see them quick and right. And I have tested in other places. Is it the geo location maybe?

I will look into that.

Thanks again

Hi guys!
Please if you see my videos and you DONt like them at all please tell me why!

As I have no teachers or mentors of any kind any opinion good bad or terrible you can provide me I willl really appreciate!

Thanks! ;D

I am not sure, but I am from Australia, and I have most plugins installed in my browsers. I usually don’t have issues watching.

I will try from my laptop or ipad later.

By the way, it is prob best to just have one thread on this. This community is small enough that people won’t miss your post in share your work :slight_smile: