HUION GT-191 - Toon Boom Does Not Detect Pen or Stylus


I just bought the drawing tablet Huion GT-191 and my pen is detected in everything else but as soon as I open Toon Boom Harmony the pen cursor is stuck and only moves when I use the mouse. Once I close or minimize Toon Boom, my pen works again. Please help!


I did what it says here and it did not work for me, my pencil still does not work when I open toonboom

I’m having the same issue… would you be coming out with support for this tablet… it was very expensive.


Please keep in mind that Huion tablets are not supported and unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to troubleshoot since I’m not familiar with hardware or software in use.

However, I’m very curious about the Wacom issue, can you please confirm the model that you’re using? What are the drivers also?

Did you try to use a different version of Huion, older versions sometimes are more stable. Make sure that you restart the machine each time you remove drivers.

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Hello, I’m having the same issue with my Huion Kamvas Pro 16 and I already did the uncheck “Use QT Wintab Tablet Support”. I’m currently using Toon Boom Harmony 17.

Try unchecking the “Use QT Wintab Tablet Support” on the
“Advanced” tab of the Harmony preferences. Then close and
re-open the software.

Also check if the tablet has an updated driver, check the
Huion web site - not though Windows.

First time, i had the same issue like you. Tick on “administrator privilege” on Huion settings, and it worked. Check if it helps.
p/s: the best ways is go to C:\Huion Tablet and edit so it will run as administrator.

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Im using huion Kamvas 13 and this works! thank you sooo much!!

Thank you for this! it works!!!

Hello, I also have this problem on Harmony and Storyboard Pro with a Huion Kamvas 13.
I did exactly what “@chuthehuan” wrote but nothing works.
I ask you for help to guide me so that I can finally have the pressure of my pen on toonboom.

Try installing the latest Huion Driver. Might be best to uninstall, reboot. and reinstall. Before installing the driver, please close all graphic software and antivirus programs. Huion Driver Download Link

In Harmony 21 open Preferences, under Advanced Tab, ‘Deselect’ Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support. (Close and reopen H21)

In Storyboard Pro 20 open Preferences, under Global UI Tab, ‘Deselect’ Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support. (Close and reopen SBP20)

Also if your still having issues, in your Huion Setting under Digital Pen ‘Deselect’ Enable Windows Ink. Then open one of the programs.

same problem with me can you help me

if you want pen pressure on Toonboom , just check “enable windows ink” and ok

turn on Pen pressure setting on toolbar

and this is the result