Huge problem, animate has made my 1 TB hard drive full.

Hiya, having a huge problem here.

I tried importing a movie file of 10 seconds into my project of around 50 mbs.

And it’s filled my hard drive with around 500 - 600 GBs of junk data!

I can’t find where the junk files have been stored and would like to free up the space that it’s taken.

I’m a Mac user.

I have, I’ve also tried shutting down my mac and booting it up again, but my memory is still full.

There’s 600 gbs of those images somewhere and I can’t seem to find them.

Where do they temporary save so I can try to delete them manually?

Also another problem, which is smaller and not related, I keep having to change my username to QuickCalibre, but it keeps on returning to the default.

However I’d prefer to have my memory issue fixed first as it’s quite serious, I’m not able to do much with no hard drive space.


My mac osx 10.7.4 is in Norwegian language. The english version has always been close to identical. But menu’s are in Norwegian.
I am therefor guessing the menu’s.

Since you are on a mac you have probably already tried this, but if not:
Go to Finder-window -Top menu -Archive -Find or just
press shortcut Command+f.
A pop-up window appear.
Choose the disk you want to search.(must be attached and running)
Then set search criteria to Creation date and Today (or the day you want to search).
If you find a file you think are of the ones you are looking for, press it and its location will be shown at the bottom of the window.
If you don’t find it try with search on filename,… and so on.

Best regards

No luck Ivaar, searched today and yesterday, I’ve also searched on file size.

The files are either hidden or toonboom has tricked my hard drive to register the files that aren’t there.

When I examine my hard drive to see what’s taking up the space it says 591.07 GB Audio, 18.45 Movies EB, Photos 3.59 GB Apps 12.28 GB Backups Zero, Other 427.24 GB.

I’m pretty sure the toon boom files are in audio files or a file that has an audio extension, as I certainly don’t have that much in audio files.

Also when I select import movie in toonboom, it’s the audio size that goes up.

Okay, I installed a program called CleanGenius and selected Disk Usage.

It’s found where the files are location.

Which is in Library/Application Support/ToonBoom/4674/Import_qt/audio.

File size of 517.33 GB

Among some other files. That are taking, 20/40 gb per folder.

Having trouble finding the folder though.

Searching for folder import_qt and trying to go there manually, however in library then application support, the toonboom folder is not there.

So if anyone has any ideas on how I can get to this folder, as it’s hidden right now, I’d appreciate it.

Okay finally did it. used the program clean genius to open the folder and it was in something called ToonBoomSessionTempDir. This is a hidden folder or something, but finally freed up 650 Gbs of trash.

This is the last time I import a movie lol, which was just a test.

When you import a movie file, it converts the movie file into the project by converting it into images. If you run out of memory, then it will use the disk space as memory to do the conversion.

Did you try shutting down the program and rebooting?


Yes I just got the answer on the temporary files:

For Mac:
/users/username/Library/Application Support/ToonBoomSessionTempDir/1312/import_qt/

For Win: