Huge filesize after importing video?

Hi Toon Boom community,
I am starting a new scene that uses an imported video as the background plate, with an animation layer above. The video I’m using is just from my iPhone, 75 MB, and 40 seconds long.

After importing the movie into Harmony, and letting the frames convert to a Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing (what’s the difference between that and the Keep As Original Bitmap option?) the working folder is now 3.59 GB after saving. Is this normal? My scene is empty except for this video layer and the related sound layer. I had hoped Harmony would have some more efficient video handling, or maybe a way to read a video file without importing the whole thing. I don’t want to vectorize the movie on import, but don’t think that will reduce filesize much regardless.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Thanks.


There are 1227 files and 12 folders in the description of that 3.59 GB folder.

The video is no longer a video. It is converted into a series of images.

You are comparing apples and oranges.

Convert to Toon Boom Bitmap places the images in a vector layer where Harmony’s drawing tools can be utilized.

Keep As Original Bitmap just imports the images but you cannot edit them.

Thanks o0Ampy0o,
I understand that I am comparing apples to oranges, but in this case my one apple turned into 1000+ oranges, and I’m curious if there is a better way.

I recognize why Harmony converts to images, and why the resulting folder size is so huge, but was hoping there was a more space-efficient way of handling video, and there doesn’t appear to be. I was planning to do a sequence of animations using live video backgrounds, but that doesn’t appear to be feasible anymore, at least within Harmony. I’d hate to think what file sizes I would see with half a dozen short video clips, instead of just one.

To truly compare apples to oranges, when it comes to 3D and animating in Maya, you can import (really it’s linking) a video file with almost no impact to scene size. (Maybe a bump of a few hundred KB? I don’t remember.) It is not a perfect system, but I was hoping something like this would be present in Harmony. Now that I think of it, there are several video editing programs which handle files this way as well, so it’s not an unreasonable expectation. Maybe some gains will be made in a future Harmony update.

Thanks for the links. I appreciate the list of terms, and am glad to see that I’m importing video correctly. I will have to find another solution, or possibly work at much lower resolutions.


To keep the analogy alive, if the apple is made of 1000 oranges…

But if all you need is one image from the movie, try deleting the other
frames or images from the project to get the size back down. The
conversion only converts the movie to a series of bitmaps. If the
movie shows the same image throughout you will have many
copies of the same bitmap.

Keep in mind that in Harmony you can keep one image exposed for
many frames. The conversion process is kind of a robotic process, it
doesn’t analyze content in any way. Unlike an editing program
where you are linking to content, Harmony expects that you may
want to modify the image using drawing tools or other
manipulations on the source image so it makes a local copy.

Even in linking to Maya for the render, you’re still importing the 3D asset into
Harmony. This is needed for images made from movie files because animators
may wish to modify the images with drawing tools.