Huge bounding box

Hi all!
I’m using harmony 11.1 on pc (win7)
i’ve a drawing of a shoe in my rig, the actual art of the shoe is in the colour art layer.
In the underlay layer i’ve got a mask (a circle twice the size of the shoe). the mask in NOT showed in the camera view, is connected to a cutter
this drawing is connected to a peg, when i move the peg in the camera the Bbox (bounding box) is not the size of the shoes but is bigger, this because the mask inside the drawing,
So the handle of the peg are uneasy to grab , specially if you zoom near the shoes,
Is there any way to tell to TB , “make the Bbox size matching what you see in the camera”?
any suggestion
TB 12 will solve this problerm?
many thanks

Just zoom out from the stage.

thanks o0Ampy0o, but even if i zoom out the bounding box is still big :slight_smile:
I was wondering if there was a setting to mathc Bbox to the real object in camera view, but TB support simply preply to me that feature is not available.
Hope in future version