html5 webgl integration

Good morning,

I’m looking for solutions to develop game in a cross-platform framework including html5, Android and Ios.

Solutions who export pre-rendered animations keys as sprite sheets aren’t an option for me (I have big resolution for characters and there’s a lot of animations).

Right now, you provide package through Unity engine, but the Build to html5 isn’t implemented yet.

Moreother, I think that Unity is a little bit heavy and slow for some mobile platforms.

Maybe integration through Haxe + OpenFL look more promising (or LibGdx, like ‘Spine animation’ does).

What do you think about html5 integration ?

Is there a lot of work to do on html5 integration into Unity ? or through other libraries (OpenFL/LibGDX/export to ‘Spine animation’ or other runtimes/…) ?

I’m a experienced developer (done lot of games and engines) is it possible to work together on that ?

Frederic Zimmer
‘Pepe & Colori’
Mobile developement

Hello Frederic,

I’m really happy to hear about your interest for Harmony and the HTML5/WebGL integration. We are definitely working on the WebGL integration within our Unity plug-in, but this is still in active development and we won’t release it until we are sure this is optimize enough. That said, if you have the programming skills and the time, I can provide you a part of the documentation about the XML data structure exported from Harmony. This could allow you to work on your own integration in WebGL/Javascript of our export. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the documentation we have to the email linked to your Toon Boom Account.

Bon matin Frédéric !

merci pour votre réponse rapide :slight_smile:

Je pense ne pas avoir assez de temps pour developper une nouvelle plateforme webGL sous votre engin d’animation. J’aimerais prototyper au plus vite afin d’avoir des résultats visuels rapidement.

Je vois 2 options:
→ utiliser votre format d’export xml afin de connecter un autre engin déjà implémenté (ex: Spine animation)
→ tester/debugguer/optimiser avec vous la version html5 du plug’in Unity

Qu’en pensez vous ?

N’hésitez pas à utiliser l’adresse email de mon compte ToonBoom pour communiquer.

Merci d’avance pour votre aide :slight_smile:
Bonne journée !

I am interested in this documentation as well. No WebGL support is really killing me.