Hello - I need my Animate Clips as HTML 5. Is it possible in future to do an export to HTML 5 format?

thank you Lilly - do you have a idea when the HTML 5 is supported? 6 month, a year?

Well basically, HTML 5 just allows you to use images and add some really basic types of animation to it. We were just experimenting here with doing some animations in HTML 5, and there’s still a few limitations.

First, there’s a limitations in what browsers currently support. Most browsers have some basic support of HTML 5, but a lot of browsers do not support the animation features of HTML 5. In current supported HTML, you can do movements in the X and Y direction, but you can’t scale, or skew, or rotate. This severely limits what you can do.

So what we came up with here as a solution for the meantime was to export as a bitmap image sequence, and to do then some manipulations of those using HTML. That’s so far produced the best and most cross-platform solution.

We definitely have a very strong interest in HTML 5, and as it develops, we will continue to think of ways to support it. The challenge comes when something is on the Internet, you want the grandmother who’s using IE 5 and the uber-geek on the latest browsers to all be able to view your content.

I also think that hand-in-hand with the development of HTML 5 support, we will look at supporting the svg format, as with HTML 5 and svg together, this could truly be a good replacement for swf.



When I look at the W3C HTML 5 website, they say that they are still in beta, and that they expect the HTML 5 language to be a standard across platforms by 2014. See the link below:

Between now and 2014, there are some browsers that support some HTML 5, but it is by no means cross-platform supported. Also, the language hasn’t yet been locked down, so I don’t forsee us doing an export to HTML 5 until the language has been approved.