HSV is not supported


I work with effects (colour scale Module) and I have 2 layers with this effect. (2 modules with one layer on each)

All is ok when I play in toon boom.
The problem is when I export the movie.
Only one layer is working.
I have the message:

SWF Export Detailed Report

The following error(s) have been detected:

Colour Scale Module: HSV is not supported.

The player html is working.
Not my exported movie.

Have you ever seen this problem?

toon boom animate2
macbookpro OSX 10.6.8

You can’t export everything to swf format. The format will not accept all the FXs we can do in Animate and the HSV is one of them. You could try to reproduce the color with the RGB sliders instead.

I made some tests this morning.
In fact, when I use the color-scale effect: the problem is only with the Alpha parameters. They seem to stay at value 1 in the exportation, so in full density.
It’s for a reflexion of a TV light on the scenery, and I don’t think I can do that with another effect…

What I can’t understand is that all is working properly on the software, and I can see what I want to do in the camera window…

Is it depending of my computer? (mac i7…) Can I export the movie in another way?


I found a solution!!..
As the alpha value didn’t work, I used the value 1 for alpha (no variation), and I add a transparency layer on the preceding layer…
I don’t know why two effects are necessary and why I can’t use the alpha value in the color-scale effect but it’s working like that and the exportation is ok…

Yea, the alpha of the Color scale is a bit tricky. I use the Transparency module usually or in your case maybe a Color-Card with semi-transparent alpha would have worked.