HP scanner says no to Toonboom

I’ve got problems getting TBS 4.0 to talk to a HP photosmart c4280 scanner on my Macintosh system.

When I go to import and vectorize > select twain source, the scanner shows up fine.

Then I try import and vectorize > from twain. Nothing happens. No error message, no beeps from the scanner. It just sits there.


Another thing I’m concerned with – when I use the scanner with Photoshop, it closes out after each scan. Is this normal for Mac? I could see this being a problem in Toonboom when I have a stack of papers to scan.


It does seem quite unusual that it would also close inside Photoshop and this may be causing some issues with the support inside of Toon Boom Studio. Try to make sure you have the latest versions of the TWAIN drivers of the scanner, it may help.



As far as I could tell, my HP drivers and software were up to date. Just in case, I spent the last hour downloading and re-installing everything.

Still not working.

I just found this article about a patch for TBS 4 to work with Leopard. Earlier this year, we upgraded to Leopard, so maybe that’s the problem.


So now I’ve logged into my company’s account, but I can’t find this patch. Does anyone have a direct link for the download?

It looks like the patch is actually a newer version of the TBS4 download, according to this thread:


So why isn’t TBS4 isn’t showing up in our account? Maybe I never registered it after install?

I just registered it, and it still doesn’t show up in the My Account area. Do I have to wait a couple days?

Turns out that link wouldn’t show up, since we had already upgraded some of our other systems to 5.0.

We wrote to tech support and they sent me a download link for the patched 4.0. I installed and it plays nice.

Playing with the scan function now to make sure it works properly.

Okay, I got the scanner working. I have to “select TWAIN source” before opening the Twain each time, but I can work with that.

The patched software lets me use my Wacom stylus, too. For some reason the Wacom mouse doesn’t paint correctly, but the Mac mouse does.