How's my Animating?

Hey folks.

I am new to the toonboom forums, and have been using TB for half a year now. Anyways, recently, I was doing this animation at my high school for a senior project in an attempt to fill my abyss-like art portfolio. I have since dropped this project in favor of another animation project, but I may finish this one in the future.

There are no serious artists/animators at my school, so I would like some “constructive criticism” regarding my animation from any artists that may hang around this forum. For example, how can visuallyI improve my character? Does my tween work look second-rate? Are facial expressions, or actions performed by the character confusing? Etc.

I have a strong belief that teenagers can be more than irresponsible, uninterested, and quality-lacking citizens. As a teen, I want to create studio-quality work, so please give me advice.

I really appreciate the time, thx!

My Animation (Not yet completed)

You’re miles ahead of the pack Goldenstandards! You’ve started a very ambitious project here, and I wish I had your persistance to get that much work done on my own personal projects!

There’s so much good stuff going on in that short, I’ve only got two small technical criticisms since you’re asking:
It’s a complicated character design on the cat, and you’re going off model a great deal by letting lines wander on the inbetweens. Consider the movement of the forms between your nice strong keys instead of the lines and you’ll stay on model and keep the structure in your characters. If you want your work to get you into a studio, this is crucial.
The other one is pencil mileage. The simpler the design of a character is, the easier it will be to animate, inbetween and cleanup. You’ve probably already come to that conclusion, but keep it in mind next time around!

I didn’t have sound while watching your short, but I knew exactly what was going on, and read the cat’s intentions and opinions loud and clear. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got cooking, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic! You’ve inspired me to get cracking on my own stuff again, thanks for the motivational kick up the arse-