How will lip-syncing work with the video tutorials pipeline?

Thanks for the video tutorials. They’ve been very helpful.

One of the last things done to the puppet was to remove the mouths from the puppet. This means that the puppet in the template only has one mouth shape. It seems odd to have done all the work on the mouth shapes just to discard them at this point, so I have to ask how the lip-synching will work with this template.

I don’t understand how we’ll get those drawings back for the final animation.


I haven’t watched them yet, but when you “delete” the drawings they are actually still there and can be accessed via the drawing substitutions. With the layer selected go to the library and you will see a window that you can scroll thru all your drawings and pick the one you want.So they are all there, just nicely packed away for future use.

I don’t have them. I’ll have to go look at the tutorial again and make sure that I followed the steps exactly.Strike that - I just understood what you meant. All of the frames are in the template. That’s awesome and I am sorry that I every doubted the tutorials ;DThanks,Mike

Hi,As the Raider says, removing exposition from the Timeline view does not delete the drawings.Each layer is linked to a folder containing all the drawings created.If you create a templates from the Timeline view, you must select the layers from the left side (module/layers names) to create a template with all the drawings or copy the modules from the Network view.If you select the drawings from the right side of the Timeline, you will only get what is selected. You will not get any of the extra drawings.How did you verify if you have those drawings or not?Marie-Eve

I expanded the peg and selected the layer with the additional mouth shapes. Then I opened the library view. I could see the additional drawings in the little scrubber window there. Everything worked perfectly.Thanks,Mike