How to work with tutorials

Hi there, I’ve just purchased Studio 8 and got two tutorials as a bonus, plus I see there is a sample project on the splash page of the software.

How do you get these to work? I have downloaded the two bonus tutorials, but they don’t integrate with the software; they’re just sitting in my downloads folder. I can see the finished product, but don’t see any sort of instructions on what we’re supposed to do to learn. I have all kinds of folders and files in there that I can’t do anything with. There’s one tiny PDF with one, but it doesn’t teach anything.

I’d love to get started. Can anyone help me please? My Studio 8 is up and running and ready to go.

Thanks so much, Paula

I bought TBSv8, too, and got those tutorials also. Now they have 4 different tutorials. I guess I should’ve waited but I’m getting off-point.

I haven’t looked at the Yoga Master tutorial yet but the Cheshire Cat isn’t what I consider a “full” tutorial…but for “free”, it’s still a good learning tool. By “full” tutorial I mean one that explicitly states “click the ‘Tools’ menus, click on ‘Arrange’, etc., etc.” This tutorial (and I’m assuming the Yoga Master tutorial) is more like one of the really, really good instructional videos one would find on YouTube.

Basically, the tutorial is setup for the learner to watch the videos (in the “Videos” folder) and mimic/repeat/follow what the video shows. Note: I sure used the pause button a LOT.

There are two TBSv8 files in the sub-folders of the “Sample Material” folder to show the work at a couple stages in the process. So, if you don’t want to draw the cat, you can just use the one in the sample file. Or if you just want to see the timeline, Properties, Palettes, etc. these files will be useful.

I hope that helps.

Hi Damon,

Thanks so much. I had a bad feeling that this might be the case. A little nudge in the right direction would be nice, though. Even a getting started guide to tell us the order everything should be done in…because it does make a diffrence!

I’ll look for the folders you suggested to help me out.

All the best, Paula

With the tutorials there is usually an Acrobat document (.pdf) that explains what to do. For the Cheshire Cat it’s located in the “Tips” folder of the zipped download file.