how to vectorize a drawing

Hi, when i try to vectorize a drawing, the line become very pixelated, it doesn’t seem like a vectorized line, i want to know why does that happen? it’s there any parameters that i must follow? i have the tb animate demo just for practicing, please help me


If in the vectorizing option you are using color as texture or grayscale the lines will actually be bitmaps encased inside of vector box. This would give you the bitmap pixelated line you are talking about. If that is not the case we would need to see a screenshot of what you are getting so we can define what could be going on.

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It could also be that you have the Real-Time Antiliasing which gives you a preview of the smoothing that will happen when you output. Try pressing Ctrl+Atl + A or go in the Preference > OpenGL > turn off the Antialising.

thank you very much!!! i desactivated the antialising and it work!! t :smiley: