how to use the close gap tool

hi i need help. I’m doing an animation and im using cut out photos, so when i cut off the arms of my character there’s a space left where i cut the arm off so i try to paint the area with the same color, so when his arm is moving you wont see a gap. the problem is when i move the character the area i painted is left blank, so i’m looking a for a way to fill in the blanks and actually stay on the element while its being animated. so i assume the fill gap tool is what i need to use but i don’t know how to use it… if this is not the right tool can anyone give me a tool that will work. another question i have is there anyway to make a color palette the same color as a character?

picture below to better describe the problem.

First you need to go to your color palette and add a new color swatch and double click on that swatch to open the color selection dialog box. There is a dropper tool on the color selection box which you drag across the display to sample any color you want to capture so drag it to your character’s main body and it will put the exact yellow you want into your swatch. Then you can paint fill the hole in the character’s body element. If it won’t fill with just the paint bucket then use the stroke tool (same palette location as the paint bucket) and draw an invisible outline shape around the hole then fill that shape with the paint bucket and your character’s yellow color that you added to the color palette. If you have additional questions just ask them here. -JK

thank you it worked out just fine. makes the animation look a whole lot cleaner thanx again.