How to use TB Studio files with TB Animate

Just got Animate and would like to reuse a lot of stuff that I did in Studio.

Animate won’t natively import TB studio files. Animate gives out a dialog box that it cannot understand the file format of Studio projects.

Also, there’s no clear way that one can copy and paste selections between Studio and Animate.

Although I can re-create a lot of the art that I did in Studio, that’s a big ol’ sinkhole of time that I’d rather avoid.

Is there going to be any way that Studio (I have 4.0) and Animate (1.0) will ever be able to share, even if it’s one way (from studio to animate only)?

Thanks, in any case, for Animate!

I like also to know, how I can import Toon Boom Studio Files in Animate. I bought the new Animate to customize my older Studio projects.
Please let me know, if there is a possibility, it would be very, very helpful.
Thank you

In the meantime a had contact with the support. They sent me this, and it works.

"Projects done in Toon Boom Studio (TBS) cannot be opened in Animate, however you can import an SWF file from your project.
To do so, open your TBS project, go to [File > Export Movie] and select “Flash Movie” for the Export Format.
Click on [Options] and select “Export Palette Information” to include any customized palettes that you have created in your scene.
Setting [JPEG Quality] to 100 provides the best quality. Click [OK] twice. The export will start.

Then, in Animate, right-click or control-click your “Animate Library” folder in the Library window (if locked); choose “Right To Modify”.
Next, import your SWF file made with TBS through [File > Import > SWF]. It will appear in your Library.
Drag it to the Timeline to use in your Animate project.

Please review details regarding this transfer method:

1. This format will allow you to transfer drawings and layers and any colouring, but not pegs or cut-out character constructions.
2. You should disable any camera moves before creating your SWF.
3. Since the SWF format is a vector-type format, you work will not lose any quality."

I’m hoping this will help you also.

Thanks for the process, Goldfinger!

Works very well. Now it’s just some rote work on re-doing the cut-out puppets and pegs.

Thanks again, have a great weekend!