How to use more RAM and less Virtual Memory?


My computer has 8GB of RAM.

I just looked at my activity monitor and at this moment Animate PRO is using 422MB of RAM and 1.58GB of Virtual Memory.

It seems silly that it would decide to use 1.58GB of Virtual Memory when I have 5.5GB of RAM that’s completely unused, while not even using half a Gig of RAM.

How can I make Animate PRO use more RAM and less Virtual Memory?


Hi adinol,

Most standard Windows 32-bit applications or processes are limited to 2GB of virtual address space, the same as in 32-bit XP. Animate Pro is a 32-bit application. The real limit is actually more like 1.6 GB. When objects or processes are opened by the parent process it tries to reserve an uninterrupted block of memory within its allocated range. If it succeeds then the object or process is in RAM, if it fails - the virtual memory is tried instead.

Try optimizing your project and delete any assets no longer required (reference drawings, alternate versions of images …), avoid over-using the texture brush and textures. Keep imported bitmaps to the resolution needed for the scene, i.e. don’t import a gigantic 5000 x 4000 image when all the action is taking place only in the bottom right corner.

For element columns… if you need drawing #5 again, don’t copy/paste the vectors but rather using the Xsheet view, type the cel label for drawing #5 again in the frame where it is needed again.

Limit Animate Pro projects to one scene. Don’t make 20 minute scenes. It helps to have the final sound track already assembled to import rather than importing several tracks and trying to do the edit also within the software if you are reaching memory limits.


kriz, does that somehow link the drawing versus copying it?

Yes, that’s exactly what it does, link to the existing drawing rather than creating a new drawing object.

Thank you for your reply, kriz.

This is my situation.

I have to work in full HD resolution. I have to import over a dozen video recordings of still sand. Those are used to build the look of Navajo sand paintings. I actually only import about 30 frames of each sand color and then repeat that for the entire scene.

Each drawing has to be split into multiple levels, the number of colors determines the number of levels. Then for each level I have to apply a cutter FX module, a blur module and connect the cutter module to the appropriate color sand (the video recording). Sometimes I have to also use other FX modules, etc.

I always delete any layers that are no longer needed and I only have one soundtrack.

When I do all that the software slows down to crawl. So towards the end of the project most of my time is spent waiting.

I used to have 4GB of RAM, so I simply decided to max out my RAM and upgrade to 8 Gigs, thinking that would make things faster. To my surprise the upgrade did absolutely nothing. Now I have all this free space on my new RAM cards that is never actually used.

I called Apple over the weekend and they said that after upgrading my RAM I should de-install the animation software and then install in again, said that at that time the software would see that my computer has 8 Gigs of RAM and would know to use more. That sounded really odd to me, so I didn’t follow their advise.

At this time it seems that I might as well have only 2 Gigs of RAM instead of 8 Gigs and it would make no difference. That’s also kind of weird to me. If this is so, why do people ever bother upgrading their RAM?

Is there really no way to make Animate PRO use more of the available RAM?

It is totally normal with 32 bit programs, even 64 bit can have issues.

This leads to the question, when will Animate pro be going 64bit? My music software has been 64bit for years now.

Thanks for all your comments.

I would appreciate if I could get an official reply from ToonBoom directly, just so I know for sure where I stand.

Am I to understand that there is no way to make Animate Pro use more of the available RAM?


PS - BTW, I believe this forum has a bug. I always check the option “Check this if you wish to be notified of replies to this topic.” when posting questions. However, I never get any email notifications of replies.

Thanks for your reply, Lilly.

(Sorry, I didn’t know if moderators were also ToonBoom staff as administrators…)

I need to decide if I should return the RAM modules.

In your opinion, does it make any difference if I have 4Gigs or 8Gigs of RAM (provided I only have ToonBoom application open)?

Also, in the meantime I called Apple and this time the tech said that I should do a P RAM Reset. Is there any chance this would make any difference with Animate PRO?

Thanks again… :slight_smile:

Hi Adinol - regarding extra ram on 32 bit windows. Have you tried turning on the 3GB switch in the boot.ini file, which makes available more ram to some programs - like Adobe?

To turn on the 3GB switch, go to start menu > run and type in c:/boot.ini >which will bring up the boot file. At the end of the file, type:


Then save the file and reboot. If you have After Effects or Photoshop, you can easily verify that the 3GB switch is turned on by the amount of memory that is available to these programs. In digital pro, it remains 2048 MB (since it’s a 32 bit operating system). If you want to restore the file to its original state, just erase the /3GB from the boot.ini file and save, and then reboot.

I know if you run Digital Pro on 64 bit windows with 4 GB of ram, Digital Pro will show it has over 3 GB in the memory usage tab instead of 2 GBs. I don’t know on Animate Pro though if it’s the same.

As far as increasing the ram amount to 8 GB, I think it may slow things down for you further, unless your on a 64 bit operating system since it may take more ram to manage the extra ram over 4 GB.

I just want you to know I appreciate you in the forum.



Thank you for taking the time to write up a reply.

If I read your instructions correctly, I think you’re talking about a Windows based system. I am using a Mac, however.

But thanks anyway, for your reply.

Hi Adinol - yes, I was referring to a Windows based system. Is there any way to increase the address space allocated to programs in a Mac? I haven’t ever used a Mac, yet.


Kriz’ reply is an official Toon Boom reply. :slight_smile: Since we’re a 32-bit application, that’s the limit on how much RAM can be used.

Regarding the question of whether it will become 64-bit, the answer is that we have been working very hard on developing a 64-bit application, but the conversion is quite complex. As soon as we have further information on when this might be available, we’ll let you know.


Having an additional 4 Gigs of RAM shouldn’t see any difference in performance for our program.

I would be cautious of doing a P RAM Reset. It sounds like a tricky maneuver - I was asking a coworker what it’s all about and it will reset all kinds of things like your system clock etc. So if you’re going to try that, then you should do a full backup of your computer beforehand.

I think you’d be better off trying to find ways to optimize your project instead of changing your system specs. If you can get the same effect of the sand by using one piece of footage, then applying a colour filter to that sand with the Blending node, perhaps this could keep down the number of bitmaps required in your scene.