How to use iPad with Storyboard Pro

Hi, I am very, very new at this whole storyboarding thing. Can someone tell me how can I paired my iPad with the software on my computer? Do I need an App? I’ve been looking around but can’t find any useful information to what I exactly need. I know there’s the different tablets that are meant for this kind of job, but I don’t want to make the expense just yet. So I want to see if there’s something I can do with what I’ve got. Storyboard Pro 5, iPad 3.

The iPad Pro series can serve as a Cintiq-style device.

You will need The Pencil and an app like Astropad.

The other iPads are not compatible.

Can you tell us the pros and cons of IPAD PRO vs CINTIQ device to work with STORYBOARD PRO or for that matter, if possible and if you know, with HARMONY?

There is at least one Harmony / Storyboard Pro user here, Jason Venus, who has an iPad Pro in his system. That is how I learned of it. He has expressed satisfaction with the device. Two others using iPad Pros: 10tacle and Sungwook Kim.

There are a few videos on Youtube and some reviews that can be Googled up.

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BTW it looks like the Air Stylus app enables use with iPad 3 and higher plus there are a few styluses to choose from. I don’t believe this is as sensitive and refined as the iPad Pro option.