How to use autopatch module?

DO anyone know how this autopatch module works? Thank you!


Hi, Davi_Clean,
The Auto-Patch module is used mainly when creating joint patches for cut-out puppet drawn with pencil lines and painted in the Colour Art layer. Instead of removing a portion of the outline to attempt to create a seamless joint, you can draw complete pieces and with the Auto Patch module, automatically create a perfect articulation.
The requirements for this effect to work are:
•Drawing outlines must be drawn in Pencil lines
•Drawing outlines must be drawn in the Line Art layer
•Drawing fill colours must be painted in the Colour Art layer
Please refer to the user guide page 905 for more details.

Sorry. i still didnt understand how that works. Are there any step by step tutorials of someone rigging a character (or maybe just an arm) using the autopatch module? I really want to learn how to use this, because I usualy spend a lot of time patching my elbows and knees, and still, i not very good at it. The idea of slmething doing this automaticy for me is very esciting. Thank you!

I have created an auto-patch example file in Harmony for you to study.
Gimme and email address and I’ll send it to you.


There should be an attachment on the email named

Let me know if you were able to open it.

Just got it! Thanks! I`m studying it now.

So this is what I see:

Theres an upper arm and a lower arm. Upper arm is the parent and its above the lower arm. So far so good.

So, when I turn of the auto-patch module on the upper arm, I can see the lines inside the elbow, so its doing what its supposed to do. I`m just trying to understand how exactly the auto-patch module knows which lines to hide.

I also notice that the auto-patch attached to the lower arm is not doing anything. If delete it, and bring the lower arm to the front, it still works the same way. (see the screenshot in my dropbox)

I also notice that the auto patch connected to the upper arm doesn’t need to have it`s output connected to anything else, I disconnected it from the composite and it still works. (also on the same screenshot).

From what I saw its so simple its hard to understand how the module magically knows it`s supposed to hide the elbow. How is this possible?

I couldn’t tell you dude. I just use it. Perhaps someone else in this forum knows the technical aspects of how the module works.
Any takers?

It’s not “magic” at all…

The requirements for this effect to work are:
•Drawing outlines must be drawn in Pencil lines
•Drawing outlines must be drawn in the Line Art layer
•Drawing fill colours must be painted in the Colour Art layer

The whole thing is described in more detail on page 905 of the Stage user manual (Help Menu-Help… or F1 hotkey)

The best way to understand how this works is looking at a network diagram example such as the one on the user manual (see page 690 of the Harmony 10.3 Stage Guide: See also page 1230 for another diagram.

This works having your drawings divided in two layers: the colour in the colour art layer and the line in the line art layer. As mentioned before, lines should be traced using the pencil tool.

If you have two drawings, for instance upper arm and lower arm, you place the lower arm over the upper arm and use the auto-patch module connected from the upper arm to the network over the lower arm drawing.

In this structure, the auto-patch extracts the colour from the upper arm and covers the line of the lower arm making the two pieces perfectly integrated as if they were just one.

Good afternoon, I am new to toon boom and am not understanding the auto patch feature. I have my character built out correctly and my network is configured correctly. The autopatch however is still not working. Any suggestions?