How to unpaint Underlay Art and then get it back to initial state?

I have a rough sketch in my Underlay Art. I finished my final sketch, now I can delete what is in my underlay Art, but I saw somewhere that instead of delete the rough sketch, it was unpainted and only hidden strokes will remain. Now If I want it again, how could I have it back ?

Suppose you have some sketches on a drawing layer drawn by Pencil tool. I can edit hide them by change Pencil thickness to zero and again I change it from 0 to 10 and it comes back. What about if I unpaint the sketch made by pencil? I can’t make it back with changing pencil thickness from 0 to 10/nonzero ?


You could try doing the following:

  1. Select the strokes you want to add a new line thickness to.
  2. From the top menu bar apply Drawing->Convert->Strokes to Pencil Lines

Let me know.

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That’s it, Complete and short answer. Thanks :blush: