How to understand off-set?

I have a big, vague rambling question - and if there is any tutorials
or information about this issue, please just send me there.

Specifically, I am making drawing substitution frames in a rig I’ve
created. Just simple expressions, making a a new drawing, accessing it in the drawing substitution. I go copy/paste special, go to the advanced tab, and update drawing pivot and the new
faces are offset. So, there is a value being added to a value, but I
don’t quite understand how, or how to go about changing it. Is there a
way to access pivot point information and change it numerically to be
the same? I tried also clearing all values on the parent peg in case
that was creating the problem, some conflict there.

In general, I don’t quite understand off-set , pieces flying
everywhere. I make my characters by making a pegged rig, making
templates, etc.

  1. breakdown and placing drawings on seperate layers
  2. setting and testing pivots making sure I leave no keyframes on anything
  3. adding parent pegs to drawings
  4. dragging all the rig to a mster peg.
  5. parent the pegs appropriately.
  6. make template with composite

So, the long and short of that is that I don’t have problems with
pieces flying all over the place, total weird rig off-set, but my
students find all sorts of ways to mess this up. They bring in their
templates and everything is all out of whack. Like I said, this is
annoyingly vague, but i don;t know what to tell them besides do it
over right, but I would like to understand this process so that I
could help them repair their mistakes instead of lengthy do-overs.

Sorry that was so long, but I hope it made sense.