How to Underscore in Bitmap export file pattern


Currently needing to export bitmap files in a sequence . The client needs the files to come out looking like this :

SHOW001_001_01 Where that translates as Show(episode number)(scene number)(Panel number)

By naming the file pattern as SHOW001 in export and changing the ‘leading zeroes’ option in Preferences, I can get:

SHOW001-001-01 with dashes not underscores.

'In the prefs options there is an option for ‘resolution suffix’ where you can select upper case or lowercase for the - which I thought would make the dash into an underscore _ . But it doesn’t.

Could anyone help with this please?

Basically need underscore not dash in bitmap export.


I have already done storyboard and i already save but when i export it into PDFs file there are no drawing in all panels but if i look my panels that i’ve done there is a drawing but when i click the panel there’s no drawing also on camera view. how can i fix it ??
Is there any solution for this?


Hi P.Coulthard

Couldn’t find a way to do it in SB Pro.
If not anybody else showing up with a solution, and if you’re on a mac, why not use Automator: Get Finder objects- Replace Text- Copy Finder object.

Under Replace choose Replace text Find: - Replace:_ in filenames
Not to take any risks, copy the folder/files before, so you don’t loose it if something unexpected should happen.

Remember to redirect to a new folder created for the purpose under the Copy Finder Object if you don’t cheque Replace excisting files.

Press the GoArrow
Automator is faster than a blink of an eye.