how to transform a frame without effecting other previous frames?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to animate a frame by frame animation on Harmony, but I want to transform one of the frames to make it slightly bigger but it transforms all the other previous frames as well, is there any way to avoid doing this? I’ve tried Duplicating Drawing but doesn’t do anything, still effect all the layers as well…

drop down some keyframes :slight_smile:

Duplicating the drawing is for altering the artwork without affecting the drawing you’ve already done. Eg. if you have drawn a hand and want to redraw the fingers slightly different, you would duplicate the drawing so you now have two different hand drawings, and altering one wouldn’t affect the other.

To make transformations (resize, rotate, change x or y pos) without affecting previous frames, you need to first lay down a keyframe on the layer at the very start of the timeline, or on the frame you would like to ‘lock in time’. Any changes made after this point should automatically lay down a keyframe.

Also, make sure you have the animate button selected (little yellow person button). If there is a red bounding box around your artwork you haven’t got the animate button selected and the changes will affect all layers/artwork.