How to transfer sound elements between scenes

I have a long dialogue (nearly 10 minutes) that I’ve lipped synced by splitting it into short sections. So far so good.

When playing the whole movie back for the first time, it was immediately apparent that two scenes should be merged into one - the change of location, background activity etc. didn’t work. Both scenes are quite complicated, involving sounds, movement, pegs, etc…

The easiest method seems to be to move the two dialoguing characters from scene 2 into scene 1 - there being just 6 elements (the characters two bodies, their mouths, the sound elements consisting of a series of wav files).

The first problem is that I can’t find anyway to transfer the sound elements from one scene to another (only drawings appear in the library, as far as I can see, under animation). I could re-import all the individual wav files, but then I’d have to get them lined up again to the exact cells, and that is a two or three hour job.

Also, if I transfer the lip-synced track via the library, it only transfers the basic eight frames and not the whole track (ie the link sync labels). This isn’t so bad, because I haven’t done any manual lipsyncing yet. But I have to select each wav file and lipsync them one at a time - so this is another half an hours work for the two elements.

Is there any way to transfer sound elements from one scene to another, when those sound elements consist of a series of wav files?

Also, is there any way to transfer a full lip-synced drawing?

Hi teamtech,

The easy way to transfer lipSynched information is to create a template in the local Library. Select all the element layers you need including the sound element and create a template of the whole thing by dragging it on to the local library in the library window (under the animation assets).

Have a look at the library movie to see how to create a template out of multiples elements:

It works the same way for drawings, bitmaps or sounds.

Hope this helps !


Thanks, Mathieu, that’s worked. :slight_smile: