How to STRAIGHTEN the Peg's Motion Path?

I use the peg to animate my camera. But for the longest time whatever I add a motion keyframe, there’s this Arc in the motion path between keyframes.

Is there and option to turn this off so I can get straight, linear motion paths?

one thign to try is to set your peg to separate coordinates instead of a 3D path so that you can individually control you X,Y, and Z. plus, the 3D path is adding that curve in there.

if you want to keep it a 3D path, you can go under the Coordinates and Control Points Panel, and adjust the Tension, Continuity and Bias as needed. I’d like to point out that After Effects has a much better means of controlling this aspect simply by allowing you to edit a motion path with a simple bezier handle.

good luck!

In the Timeline, hit the + before the Peg layer to expand it. Double click on the Position: Path layer and a menu box will open. Select the first keyframe and in the first row named Frame, go to the second box that has an inverted V shape. Set the number to 1.0000. Do that for the second keyframe and this will make the path from on KF to the next a straight line.

Not sure if you can set this in the Preferences. Perhaps you can.