How to stop skewing from applying to children?

Hey everyone –

I have a cowboy character, who has a belt and holsters. I’d like to be able to skew the belt to give the feel that it’s loose, and can ride up and down on his hips. I’d also like the holsters to move up and down along with the skew – but not to skew as well.

Does this make sense?

I’m not sure how to go about this. Any help appreciated!


Okay, I messed around with this a lot, and the quick and dirty solution I came up with was this: to share the values for the leg group, and make an expression like:

0 - LegGroup_Skew

and then use this expression to drive a peg that will override the belt skew.

It seems a bit kludgey, but might do in a pinch.

Any further advice would be great!


Hi Lucas,

Typically I will just add another peg for this. So peg1 might contain belt + holsters. peg2=holster peg 3=belt. Peg1 will be parent for xyz + rotation and then peg3 will be skew for belt. I know it’s simple but it seems like it would work fine for what you are doing… unless I’m missing some part of the equation?


What 14greg said is what I would have done. :slight_smile: