How to stop nudge on one cell from applying to others

I am ordering my layer hierarchy and having trouble keeping things the way I want.
I had this problem with the ballerina puppet and now I have this problem with mine.

In one frame I want an arm above the torso. So I nudged it there. So far so good. In the next frame I want the arm below the torso. But when I keep the arm above in one frame then the next frame is above too.
If I make the arm below in frame two it becomes below in frame one.

These arm drawings are not extended exposures. They are seperate drawings of the same symbol.

I thought the point of nudging was to make one drawing above and the other below from frame to frame. Where is the versatility and what am I doing wrong?

When I practised with the ballerina puppet I had the same trouble with her hair bun. In her front shot I nudged it behind her head. In her backside shot it appears behind her head so I nudge it forward. Then when I go to back to the front shot its now in front of her head making her look like she has a beard. NOT FUNNY!

What the solution? If there a “Do not apply nudge to all frames” setting I can tweak?

I will have a look. But I am not using Animate Pro. Ar you saying that the video tute has general knowledge?

I have to say, too many of you Pro users assume we are ALL using Pro.

Some of us are still stuck in the boonies.

Alex isn’t a pro user(yet) :P. Reread his post. He gave instructions for standard Animate as well.

Rusty just press the animate button before you start nudging, that will lock the art in place on each cell by creating keyframes when you nudge and all the other artwork will remain in place.

Or hit F6 on each cell before you nudge.

Ok. The adding keyframes solution worked.


Alex is correct - you need to create keyframes. In Animate, drawing and keyframes are separate entities, so you can nudge a whole series of drawings forward or backwards at once - which is a real advantage when you think of it.

So either hit F6 to create a keyframe, or turn on the Animate button when you nudge.