how to start particle effects on a certain frame

I’ve had some success setting the trigger of the sprite emitter to 0 and then using the trigger’s bezier editor to set it to 1 on a certain frame but this seems clunky and doesn’t seem to always work. Is there a certain way to start particle effects on a certain frame, that is simple? The documentation doesn’t really have much information on this, unless I missed it.

Me too.

Hold: Frames in the animation during which the animated character maintains its position without moving. A hold can be created between any two keyframes.

I Don’t have Harmony but in Animate Pro 3 it can be accessed through top menu bar => Animation => Cell => Hold Exposure

The keyboard shortcut is Command/Cntrl + 1, 2, 3 and it appears under the Xsheet section.

Make sure you have Xsheet as the active window or the Hold option does not work.

Hold Exposure:

Animate Pro 3 and Harmony 10

Harmony 11

that’s about it really. you simply set a key frame with a value of 0 to turn it off, and a value of 1 to turn it back on again. try using hold keyframes?

what’s a hold keyframe? still learning…!