How to Start Creating A Person? Or a BackGround?

Hi guys im new to this site but i found toonboom program on youtube and seen it has amazing things to do on it so hope im not going to become a borther but i need a bit of help on how to starting a great looking 2D person or something like this
This looks like a very great video that motivated me to make a video like this please help me il take the time to learn !

have a look at my tutorials on my channel to get you started.

Another good place to look for tutorials is the official toonboom ones :slight_smile:

you didnt name what your channel was?

used to be in my signature

Guess I need to update cause of the new forum.

This is my channel

One of the tools I like to use to flesh out my characters is a individuality matrix. I found an attractive write-upon those called Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality & Backgrounds. I use this as an work out when creating all my characters.