How to split cells?

Not sure how to describe this any other way than to explain it. In Flash, you can insert a keyframe so that you can make a small modification to a layer for that frame. However, in Toon Boom, it seems like keyframes are only for tweens. I’m looking to draw frame by frame, but sometimes keep most of what I have (so I don’t have to redraw a whole character/whatever just to have them stand in place and blink or something, when all I want to change is the eye). I can’t figure out how to make a change on just one frame? When I have multiple frames of the same image and try to edit one, it makes the change to all of those frames. I can’t find any options relevant to what I want to do…

I hope you can understand what I’m asking and help.


Drawings with the same cel label in the Xsheet are in fact the same drawing. If you wish to make modifications, create a new cel or empty drawing and copy/paste the vectors from the original.

I usually select the bit I want to edit (for example an arm) then copy the drawing.
Then i go to the cell window, slide it to cell 0 so theres a blank cell, then paste. This creates a new cell at the end of the cell selection thing that identical to the previous one, now if you modify this you have a modified image while still retaining your old one.

But yeah, what the other guy said :slight_smile: