How to share files?

Hi, I have toonboom animate pro, and a classmate and I are working on an animation together. I do the line art and she colors, but when I try to send her the file so she can color it, when she opens it, all the frames are there but the frames have no drawings in them. I tried sending each and every file and sub folder in the folder that is in my documents but it is still coming up blank. Can someone let me know why?

Did you send the entire project-folder ?

Either, right-click the project-folder / Share / Email…
Or, compress (zip) the file first, then send it by e-mail or FTP-browser…

I presume both of you are using the same version (build) of Animate ?

Otherwise, drag different parts of your project (or the entire project) into the Library.
Then compress and send the .tpl file via e-mail or ftp.

Advantage: different scenes can be worked on independently (outsourced)…
Scenes can be assembled later easily into one project from the Library as desired.

I didn’t do that, I’ll try it, thanks!