How to share a template by email?


If one should send a template from the library in Animate Pro by email to somebody, how can one do that?
The answer has probably been posted before on the forum but I didn’t
succeed to find it.
I need to know how to export or to find and copy the file, and how to attach
it to the email.
And also the way the receiver of the template shall handle it.

Look forward to an answer.


I’ve had to do this sending things to support before. Hopefully it works the same for you as it did for me. I navigated to My Documents/Toon Boom Animate Library (or whichever version of the software you’re working with) and your template should be bundled into a folder there. You’ll want to make a zip of it before you send, but that should do the trick.

Thanks Chrispurdin

I found the files but As i don’t know how to make a zip file(only received them)
I just posted one directly as an attachment and mailed it to myself as a test .
Double clicked it and it opened, in Animate Pro. All the elements was like they should but no drawings or sound followed the document.
There came two warnings telling me exactly that.
I will look more into it later.



If you’re on a mac, I’m not sure - if you’re on a pc just click on the folder that your templates in, right click and go to “Send To” and choose compressed zip folder. Should get everything you need then.

Thank you so much.
That did the trick.
I am using mac, but the variation was so small the solution gave it self.
I found the file ctrl clicked it and chose compress.
Then I attached it to an email.
I have now sendt it to myself.It opens up with the whole project intact.
So now I am ready to send project files to anyone who would like that.
Thanks again