How to set Drawing Layer and Bone into there Default Value and Vice Versa?

Hi guys, I have a hard time finding this on the Guide, on how exactly can I able to reset the default location, rotation, etc on the Bones and the Drawing attached to it. Also how can we able to change the default value to another location for example. Your default Rotation is 2, How can I able to change the default location to 3.

Thanks guys. Sorry, I am a beginner.

When you create a new drawing element, its default settings are all zeros. These settings are shown in the Properties pane for that element and includes stuff like the X/Y/Z offsets (position), rotation, scale, and pivots. You can manipulate the object manually or enter the new desired values in the Properties fields. You will see them take effect when you switch to Camera View. If you like those settings, you can save the element in your library for reuse.

As for a Bone element, the default values depend on how you add the bone, usually by dragging along a Drawing element. Each bone segment has its own properties settings, which are displayed in the Properties pane.

So basically, you can select an element in the Timeline view and its corresponding properties will be shown in the Properties pane.

Okay, sir. I get it now. Thank you so much. :smiley:

Okay, sir. I get it now. Thank you so much. :smiley: