How to select strokes over multiple cells?

I want to do my clean animation above my rough animation… So i duplicated the rough layer to keep the same exposure…

Now i want to delete all the strokes on my duplicate… i am now doing this each cell, which is time consuming.

Is there a way to select over multiple cells? I thought that this ‘‘apply to multiple drawings’’ would do that, but i haven’t succeed to make that work… so i suppose that that is for something else? i don’t understand it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Did you draw the rough on a separate Drawing Layer? If so, you just hold the left mouse button and select the frames in the Timeline then hit Delete on your keyboard, you can right-click after selecting the frames and select Delete, or you can choose Delete from the top menu bar drop-down menu under Edit.

If you drew the rough and the cleaned up lines on the same cell you would have been able to delete one or the other easily had you used a unique color for the rough. Then you would just choose the Select Tool and highlight all of the frames in the Timeline then choose the Swatch/Pot from the Colour Window then choose Select Strokes with Current Color from the top menu bar drop-down menu under Drawing or use Ctrl+Shift+A to delete the art. You could also use Cut or Delete or even increase the color transparency to %100 (making it invisible) and keep it there.

If you have created the rough and cleaned up drawings differently, please provide more details.

/i don’t want to delete the actual exposure cells, i wanted to delete the strokes they contain… so they are just fresh, empty drawings.

I just duplicated the rough layer so i don’t have to fill the exposure exactly the same on the clean…(because the exposures are already perfect on the rough layer), so i can instantly starting to draw on the clean layer… This is just some lazy example where this feature i’m asking about could come in handy. if you understand me.

anyway… the real question was: i thought it had to be possible to select strokes over multiple cells?? i want to know this.

In storyboard pro you can select things over multiple panels, when cmd+shift clicking multiple panels and using the select tool in in the drawing view…

This is not only handy for "emptying’’ multiple exposures at once, (and keeping the exposure cells) but it is also handy for re-positioning multiple drawings/strokes over a certain time range… or when you want to do other things that the select tool does, such as changing the thickness of pencil lines, over a certain time range, rather than doing it for each drawing individually.

Hope i’m clear

The feature may be there to be taken advantage of, however, just drawing onto a layer that already has a drawing on it, with the same color and expecting to be able to isolate one from the other in a simple command is probably asking too much of the software.

You understand me wrong. Drawing in a layer that already has strokes in it, is exactly what i don’t want. Which is why i want to empty the them… i mean emptying the drawings, but keeping the exposures/timing/cells/whatever-you-want-to-call-it of the duplicate-rough layer… to do clean line work… I have the original rough animation in another layer beneath it for reference anyway…

I was hoping to learn a faster way of doing it, instead of doing it for each drawing by selecting>deleting the strokes… And also a faster way to do a variety of other things. And i’m pretty sure there is a way to select/delete/reposition over multiple cells, i mean: why would they have this in Storyboard Pro and not in Animate?


Found out that you have to use the ‘‘permanent selection’’ option in combination with the ‘‘apply to all drawing’’ option…

Can be used to clear out multiple frames, can be used to change pencil thickness of multiple frames… Can’t be used to reposition, for some reason…

Animate could learn from Storyboard Pro in this matter. :open_mouth: Where you can also choose on WHICH frames,aka panels, you want to selection to matter… instead of animate which is only limited to ‘‘All drawings’’…

When (in sbp) you do cmd+shift click multple panels and use the select tool, you can also see the invisible strokes (which are visible in the other panels) being selected… You get a bounding/transform box around the whole area of all selected strokes, and you can reposition them.

Hope i helped someone

Sometimes the Apply To All Drawings option is greyed out… :confused:

Anyone know why this is?
Can’t find anything about it in the documentation

Just speculating, it may be that offering the identical ability without the limitations would interfere with what goes on under the hood enabling aspects available to animation in the Animate line?