How to select one layer?

Hello! I need to select one layer, copy it and paste using hot keys “ctrl+v” or “ctrl+c” for example.

How to select one layer If there are any layers? If these layers contact with each other in the camera view they will be selected all. But I need to select only one. If use "Reposition All Drawings"tool by selecting one layer in the timeline, hot keys “ctrl+v” or "ctrl+c"won’t work.


Hello Mariasi

When you say you want to copy one layer, where do you want to paste it after? Do you mean selecting just one drawing layer or a drawing cell from the timeline?

You can use the select tool to copy some drawing information from the drawing directly (in the camera or drawing view) and paste it into another drawing or, if on an empty cell, it will create a new drawing)

If you want to copy the drawing substitution (all art layers included) into the same drawing layer, you can click on the duplicate drawing from your timeline toolbar.

If you wish to duplicate a drawing layer, you will need to right click on the drawing layer (represented in your timeline by the triangle, circle & square shape and select Duplicate Selected Layers.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions.

Sorry, but nothing out of these )

I need to select a picture from the particular drawing layers. But the rest of pictures from the rest of drawing layers are being selected also in case of they touch each other in the camera view.

I have two drawing layers. I have a white circle A on the first drawing layer and a green circle B on the second one. These two circles are on the different drawing layers.
Then I try to select a white circle A by using “Select tool” circle B is being selected also. But I need to select only a white circle A.
I attached example pictures at the staring massage.

Hey Mariasi,

Thanks for specifying!

If you go into your Harmony Preferences, if you go under the Camera tab, you should see an option called “Select tool works on Single Drawing”.

Make sure that this checkbox is enabled. This should solve the problem. :slight_smile:

Eeeee! This is it! It works. Thank you!