How to select, edit, or cut and past specific sections of a drawing?

I’m attempting to edit different parts of a character’s hair, but since it’s on the same layer as their head, every attempt to select that part individually results in the entire layer being selected. Is there a specific tool that can be used to select and change a specific part of a drawing layer? I think I might just cut and paste it to its own layer, but don’t know how to do that either.

For Plan A: Reshaping a drawing using the Contour Editor tool:

Even though everything highlights when first selected, each point can be clicked on again then manipulated individually. It will be easier if you zoom in. Initially everything highlights orange by default. When you reselect points they turn white. You can manipulate singles or groups.

For Plan B: The Cutout tool icon looks like a folded paper airplane. That can be used to cut the parts up to place on their own layers but it will need to be done carefully and will probably require some doctoring to result in pieces that work as separated parts.

People will build characters from the beginning to be cutouts with parts moved on their own. In the TB tutorials an example begins with a complete character drawn out. Then the drawing of a whole character is used as a source for tracing the parts that will be completed as separate moveable sections.

This is a general description when working with a drawing. There is a different technique if you are cutting up an image for cutout animation.

Where is the Cutout tool located in Animate 3? I can’t find it anywhere.

By default it is nested under the black arrow icon (Select Tool).