How to see through coloured drawings? Light Table doesn't help

I understand turning on LightTable would allow you to see through your drawings.

But I’ve coloured my first drawing already and I can’t see through the colours to view the drawing outlines underneath it…

My drawings are black and white, and I like to colour them first since I’m duplicating a lot of my drawings and would be a hassle colouring them frame by frame afterwards (correct me if my concept is wrong).

Is there a way to see through COLOURED drawings?



The Light Table feature lets you see all drawing layers in the current frame. The selected/active layer is displayed in its original color, while all other visible layers are shown in washed out colors. The selected layer is shown on top of other layers. You won’t see through the layers except if the paint has some degree of transparency.

You can consider coloring your drawings after you’re done using the Power Painting feature to reduce the coloring effort. Toon Boom tries to color across cells. Refer to the Power Painting topic in the Toon Boom Studio User Guide.

thank you!! I will look into power painting