how to see only the pegs in timeline

i was wondering if there are a way to see only the pegs in the timeline. if you make drawings, and in the layer propieties you disable the “animate using animation tools”, and use the parent peg to animate (as i see in a lot of tutorials)… i was wondering, when you are animating and you need to be more specific in some keys, see the drawings and the pegs in the timeline its pretty annoying.

In the timeline’s menu you have (under the view section) something called the “Show Manager” where you can disable the Effects, Groups and Sounds.

If the elements are connected to pegs you could collapse the pegs to hide the elements. Alternately you can turn off what is shown by unchecking the checkbox underneath the eyes icon in the timeline.

Hi rkriz, thanks for the answer.
the show manager dont let me show the peg. that doesnt help.

turn off by unchecking the checkbox it’s a really annoying way! it’s a huge waste of time! when you animate you are continuously changing what you need to see.

what do you mean with “collapse the peg”?

there’s really no simple way to see only the pegs?

If you have not hooked up your pegs and elements in the network view then you will not see them in the timeline. They need to be connected to a composite module which in turn connects to the display and write modules.

You should have a look at the tutorials which will help you get a handle on the basics…

i know that. i´m already seen all the tutorials of toon boom, the official ones and other ones too.

and none show or say anything about what i’m looking for.
if the software cant show only the peg, simply say it, and keep in mind for next versions (or not).

Hi sanjaureche

I don’t know of any command to show pegs only in the timeline.

A way to arrange such behaviour can be reached by tagging the peg elements and choose the show tagged mode. This will make it quick to change between see all elements and see only tagged/peg elements.

To quickly tag elements you can assign a shortcut to it in the preferences.
The m was free to use(t was not) m for mark. Well that part will be your choise.
The display options is to be found among the icons in top of the timeline left(naming) compartment. The view modes is the far left in the right most group of icons.

To tag an element select it in the naming area of the timeline, rightclick and select -Tag -Tag Selected. Or as mentioned over select it and use a short cut( you will have to assign the shortcut in the preferences under shortcuts Tagging Tag Selection).

i was thinking the same thing
I’ve been having problems when re-timing my keyframes, my drawing layers drawing subs also moves around with my keyframes, this is a problem with my lipsync. So I’ve been looking for a way for timeline to only show the pegs and not the drawings, alas no way. Tagging is one way to do it but it doesn’t show the correct hierarchy on the timeline :frowning:

it will be a nice feature to have…


I totally agree. What you gain in showing the tagged peg layers you loose in not seeing the hierachy.

agreed. it would be nice if the tagged view put them in the correct hierarchy. instead it lists them alphabetically. maybe a future update?

thanks for the answers!

im glad to see that im not the only one searching for this.

i dont know too much about scripting, but i dont think that add a button, or a option to see only the peg in the timeline (without affect the hierarchy or anything in any other place) would be difficult to make.

take in mind for the next update!
we will appreciate!


I don’t mind much of hierarchies while tagging 'cause you tag what you need, you can then tag the parent to go throught and otherwise, you tag it 'cause you need this reaching, quick : you know your things/your hierarchies.

I rather mind a way to keep the tag active over time. After a scene have been shut, you have to tag them back to restart from there, selection memories is usually very helpfull, and there it would be…

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