How to script a basic peg with ScriptModule


I’m trying to deform multiple cloned drawings.

Unfortunately a normal peg causes CPU usage issues when linking it under a deform.

So I’m trying to find out how to script a basic peg with Position2d info

Place the peg above the deformation group and you will not have the cpu issues. Placing the peg under will force a redraw for every slight movement which is very taxing on the cpu, placing the peg above it avoids this problem and still gets the job done.

Thank you for the reply, but I’m deforming multiple cloned drawings through one deform

I should of studied the deform chain in the user guide, would of saved me a lot of messing around

the deform part is working fine now, but I’ve made another issue by using too many cutters :slight_smile:

on another note

It seems like a missed opportunity not developing the network interface into a visual scripting environment. That tied with a built-in game engine and you’d have a very powerful 2D game development program

There is a Harmony gaming build that works with the Unity Gaming engine and also Cocos2D-X. You can contact sales to arrange for a demo.

thanks, yea i tried it out, i’m looking forward to the update of it in 11, hopefully they’ve added deforms and cutters