how to scale strokes?

I hope this wasnt already covered, and sorry if it was. I also wasnt sure exactly where to post this.
But ive noticed when i import vector images from illustrator the lines get all messed up when i group and resize. Is there any way to make the strokes scale when you resize.
I know there is in illustrator, but i cant seem to find it in this program.
i am using toon boom studio v5.

Well, not sure what is happening with your Illustrator file import…?
I have imported hundreds of Illustrator files into Studio…
Resized, Scaled, moved them single, or grouped or attached them to a Peg…
There has never been any issue with line or fill quality…

If you’re working in Drawing View, make sure you select the whole drawing, fill and outline,
otherwise you might leave the lines behind or vice versa…

Switch to Camera View and use the Select Tool (6) for scaling etc.
If you want to keyframe your scaling etc over time use the Transform Tool (7)


I took a screen shot to best show what i mean.

This is the image i imported.

When i scale the image down to the size i want, the lines dont scale consistantly along with the body.

I was wondering if there was any option to set the lines so they maintain their size when i scale the object.

if that helps clarify.
thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Well, select the whole drawing with the Select Tool (1) or select any separate line…
Open the Pen Tab and reduce the Maximum Size to, maybe, one…

Open Studios Preferences / Display / check Improve Pencil Rendering Performance…,
Restart Studio…


Thanks kindly, the first method worked fine.
I swear it didnt work before when i tried, but atleast it is working haha. Got real sick of deleting changing in illustrator, importing, deleting, changing, importing, etc. you get the idea hahaha.