How to save objects to Library?

Hi there,

I have Toon Boom Studio 8.

How can I save objects (e.g. trees, houses, characters, etc.) from a project into the Library to be used for other projects?

Thank you very much!


You can drag and drop a drawing, a layer or multiple layers to Library.
In general, Global library is common place to put since it is shared to all of the project you are creating from your machine. You can also create sub folders under Global Library for each Catalog.

I have Toom Boom 7.1
Could you analytically explain me how to create color palette from an imported movie file?

Thank you

Thanks for your quick reply, tochiman.

Do you mean drag the drawing from the scene to the right column with the Library folder?

I dragged the drawing but it won’t let me move it to the Library folder.

Any other ways to do it?



Hey tochiman,

It is working now. My mistake was to drag my drawings from the workspace instead of dragging from the Timeline.

Thanks for your help.


Ken your simple explanation of how to drag it is wonderful. I have been searching for days to find out how to do SAVE a drawing I spent 3 days drawings. None of the videos about saving gave your simple words. I LOVE YOU THANK YOU!!! Now I can relax!

Since movie files are converted to bitmap sequence, you can’t use the color picker in TBS which only works on vector images. You therefore need to export one frame of the movie to bitmap sequence and import it in Photoshop, Painter or Gimp to use the color picker from one of these bitmap editing programs to get the RGB values.

saving objecst in the library is explained in great detail here

This links to a private WP site. Not very helpful :frowning:


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