how to run a script, where is Script Editor?

for Animate Pro 2
I want to run the script for importing Ai files with layers.
However, how to run it? Where is a Script Editor?

Toon Boom help says “Open the Script Editor by going to the top menu and selecting Windows > Script Editor.”
I don’t have it there.
Anyone knows anything?

Hate to tell you this but that script no longer works :frowning:

A few of us here in the forums have posted about getting it fixed but so far no go. It hasn’t worked since the Animate Pro3/Harmony 10 upgrade unfortunately.

All I can offer is that the Script Editor is in the WIndows pull-down menu at the very bottom in both Animate 3 and Animate Pro 3.

Use this instead:

Here is what cgason suggested as described with visuals from the Animate Pro 3 User Guide:

Animate 3 User Guide:|Toon%20Boom%20Animate%203%20User%20Guide|Chapter%209%3A%20Import|_____4

For Animate 2 see pages 360-361 of the User Guide (only available as a full doc download online).

Text without images:

Animate 2 User Guide

Importing AI and PDF Files

You can import AI and PDF files into Animate, it will convert your files to the Toon Boom format (TVG) and create a colour palette based on the colour settings of the original file.

To import an AI or PDF file:

1. Go to the Library view and right-click (Windows) or [Ctrl]+click (Mac OS X) on the Animate Library folder. Choose Right to Modify to unlock the library folder. Make sure the Lock icon disappears from the folder to unlock it, otherwise your library will remain locked and not editable.
NOTE: the option to import will not be available until this step is completed successfully.
For more information about the Library, see the Libraries, Symbols and Templates chapter.

2. In the top menu, select File > Import > SWF, Illustrator Files to Library. Or right-click (Windows) or [Ctrl]+click (Mac OS X) on any unlocked folder and select Import FIles.
The browser window opens.

3. Find and select your AI file in the Import Files dialog box and click on Open.
The Rename dialog box opens.

4. Enter a name for the new template or keep the name of the original AI or PDF file.

5. Click on the OK button.

6. Click and drag the new template folder from the Library view to the left side of the Timeline view; wait until the copy cursor appears before releasing the mouse button.

7. The colour recovery dialog box appears, requesting that a colour recovery should occur. Before clicking on the Yes button, you have the option to select the Do Not Ask Again For This Session option. This might be useful if you plan to import multiple AI drawings.
This process will import the colour palette used to create the Illustrator file and create a new palette in Animate under the imported file’s name.

For Animate Pro, refer to the Preferences (PRO) section to learn about the Support CMYK in PDF/Illustrator Import preferences.