How to rotate wheels?

Does anyone know of any Animate tutorials or can share insight on how to make wheels rotate, as on a vehicle or bicycle traveling down a road?


If you want to rotate the wheels of a vehicle first make sure that the wheels are on different layers, set the pivot of those wheels to the center of the wheel and use the rotation or transform tool to do the rotation.



Thanks Ugo, I’ll give it a try.




I did what you instructed and it works beautiful; got a motocycle drawn and rollin’ down the highway. I am one happy camper with the Animate software and the support y’all provide!

Many thanks,


How about animating a spinning tire that’s pictured in 3/4 view? Is there a way to do that in 2D?

Thanks, Eddie

If the tire is drawn in perspective you’ll need to make a sequence of drawings instead
to show that the wheels are turning (and repeat the cycle for as long as you want the
wheels to turn).

The rotation speed should visually match the speed of the ground passing the tires.


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