How to rotate a layer along the motion path's curve.

I have two keyframes, because i want to motion to have a constant speed. And i use control points to shape the motion path…

I’ve created loopings and stuff, haha. (i’m animating a leaf flying through the wind)

But how do i automatically rotate the leaf, following the curve of the motion path? In 3DS Max and Maya this is pretty basic stuff…

Also, is it possible to create/draw the motion path first, with bezier handles (pencil lines, basically) and then attach an layer to it? Or is the only way control points? Otherwise, isn’t it possible to edit the motion path in the camera view with bezier handles? Seems much more intuitive to me.

Kind regards

You can’t auto rotate to have the leaf automatically facing a rotation of the motion path. Have you tried simply adding a rotation to your keyframes to orient your leaf properly at each keyframe (perhaps adding other rotation-only
keyframes to fine-tune the rotation)?