How to rotate a circle like you can in flash?

ok so I found the rotate tool under the animate tab and saw that you can motion tween a rotation and if you move past the first rotation turn a spiral is created. Not very exact if you want to loop a rotation seamlessly …but ok. Flash has a button for doing one or more rotations. No such button exists in toonboom.
The real problem was getting The pivot centered in the circle. Since this is the first time I’ve tried this I’ve never had to center a pivot in such an exact location to get a perfect rotation and there seems to be no way of snapping the pivot to the exact center of a circle. Can this be? Is there seriously no way of doing this? I’m in Animate 2.

You can always use the Rotate Tool to reposition the permanent pivot of the layer, however you’re correct, there is no snap to centre.

I will note this as a feature request.

It’s a helpful feature in other programs for sure. Also Flash’s align tools are nice, and you can always center to stage.