How to rig leg's smoothly to hip AND be able to have a walk cycle

I can’t figure this out! I can do a smooth rig above the pelvis but I can’t figure out how to do a smooth leg rig

any tips? if anyone responds I will post a picture of my best attempt at a leg rig as an example. at least if it isn’t clear what I can’t figure out

Please post your example so the problem is clearer.


that is the rigged version

here’s the break up:

I don’t know how to draw the leg parts so that it looks smooth in motion or even just in different positions. biggest problem is with the connection to the torso, I don’t know how to draw and rig it so it works in animation

If you are referring to the manner in which the parts are cut and prepped so they move without rough joints showing at certain degrees this page of tutorials covers character rigging and the Articulation videos address the joints.

Articulations Tutorials:

looks like really helpful stuff, thank you! :slight_smile: