how to reverse the elements z-depth after parenting?

i’ve got a practical question about z-depth of character body parts.

i want to have the guy’s wade with the boot on top of his thigh.
when i arrange them in the timeline (the succession of elements and their z-depth) it looks fine, but as soon as i parent the wade to the thigh it dissapears behind it.

no further z-depth adjustment seems to work, both body parts are glued to each other in a fixed manner.
does anybody know any workaround?

thanks in advance,

ok, i think i’ve managed that after playing a while with the z-level settings, although i don’t really understand the behaviour of the parts.
as i set the depth values (z axis), they are moving sometimes sidewards, sometimes they scale…

anyway, i’ll do more practice, maybe i miss something important.

They move to the sides and scale because you’re basically moving the object farther away or closer from you when you adjust the z. You don’t have to move it much to get things behind, so you might want to limit how much you push the items to a tiny bit. Like a move of 0.001 shouldn’t scale or move too much. You can also always probably rescale your drawing after you set the z up.

yes, i know about scaling when moving in the depth, but what i don’t understand are sideward movements. the particular part seems to move in the x-axis, or is it because it depends on a parent?
thanks for feedback, anyway.