How to return the v11 license for Harmony 11

I got a message from support “If I am ready to upgrade, please return the v11 license via the license wizard”. How to return the license for upgrade to Harmony 12? Just now i have activated the Trial Advanced (18 days remaining).


Do you want to upgrade or continue using the trial?

Here is a tutorial on returning a license:

Hi, I want upgrade without any more costs if its possible?

I have Storyboard Pro 4.1, Animate Pro 3 and Harmony 11 standalone. All Licensed for a year! I want upgrade to Harmony 12, and leave back the licenses for Animate Pro 3 & Harmony 11 and only use Storyboard 4.1 & Harmony 12. I cant find any license wizard to return the licenses. Where can i find the License Wizard to return that Licenses for upgrade to Harmony12?

It will depend.

If you are on Mac it’s inside Application/Your_Software/Tools

On Windows it’s inside Start Menu/All Application/Your_Software/License Tools

I have Windows 8.1 and i need to check this out. Thank you for helping me!


You ought to be able to pull it up with a search for “License Wizard” on your system.

At least it works doing this on a Mac.